Tablets & Precision Pellets

TABLETS — LabTreat Enrichment Tablets (“Precision Pellets”)

LabTreat Enrichment Tablets (or “Precision Pellets”) each have specific weight and dimensions that do not vary from pellet to pellet. They are a “precise dosage” food critical to studies in which accurate measurement of food consumption and/or behavioral response is essential.

LabTreat Enrichment Tablets from Purina TestDiet® are available in a broad range of standard formulas—both grain-based and purified ingredient diets. Grain-based diets are based on Purina LabDiet® formulas and are comparable to the composition of the animals’ usual maintenance food. Purified diet pellets offer all the benefits of regular purified ingredient diets—precise consistent ingredients and nutrition values. Both grain-based and purified diets are available as primary sources of nutrition or as reward and reinforcement treats with increased sugar and/or flavoring.

Some of the many uses and types of Tablets:

  • Treats and Enrichment
  • Rewards for positive reinforcement of behavior.
  • Food Restriction, Portion-Controlled Feeding, and Food Intake Monitoring
  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation
  • Precise Dosing of Added Medications & Test Compounds
  • Pellet Dispensers — Purina TestDiet® Precision Tablets are dust-free and suited for use in all brands of pellet dispenser equipment.

Standard Formulas — Purina TestDiet® Tablets are available in several standard formulas – both grain-based and purified ingredient diets – to suit your particular requirements. Tablets are available for any species, standard formulas are available for several, including Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Non-Human Primates, Pigeons, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Cockatiels, and Softbills

Custom Formulas — If a standard tablet weight, dimension, or formula does not suffice, they can be customized for your research protocol. We can also add medications and your test compounds. See details below.

Flavors & Colors — Many flavors are available to add to any Purina TestDiet® Tablets, such as Banana, ‘Citrus’, Raspberry, Orange, Grape, Chocolate, Tropical Punch, Peanut Butter, and Bacon, among others. Tablets, particularly those with a purified diet base, can be color-coded if needed by your research. Flavored tablets typically are color-coded, unless specially ordered otherwise.

Formulas & Ingredients — Complete ingredient and nutritional data are available for all Purina TestDiet® Tablets. If you cannot locate data for a particular product on this Web site, we’ll be happy to provide it on request.

Please contact us for prices and sizes.