Paper Bedding

This page features various paper bedding products. For Paper Enrichment or Bedding/Enrichment mixes, please click here.

The Andersons

The Andersons has provided the research community with the most trusted name in bedding since 1962..

Product # Name
PBQ Pure-O’Cel 1.25 cu ft – 1/4″ Paper Squares (approx 20 lbs)
CNK Crink-L’Nest Kraft (Brown) 22 lbs
CNW Crink-L’Nest White 22 lbs

Shepherd Specialty Papers

For more than 25 years, Shepherd Specialty Papers has been dedicated to producing and providing the highest quality products specifically for the animal care industry.  Most beddings are available as Irradiated and Certified Options as well.

Product # Name
235109 Enviro Dri (Paper Bedding) 25 lb box
ADT Alpha Dri 20 lbs. (Pure White Bedding)
CN1 Cell U Nest 70 Liter
60036 Paper Chip Soft Texture Bedding 35 lb

Airlite Bedding

Virgin Cardboard squares, ideal for large animals. Significantly less dust than any shaving

Product # Name
00001 Airlite 20 lbs (Cardboard Squares)

Yesterday’s News

With superior absorbency*, Yesterday’s News® brand litters utilize recycled newspaper to create safe, odor controlling pellets your cat will readily accept.


Product # Name
10030 Yesterdays News Original 30 lbs
20006 Yesterdays News Soft Texture 13.2 lbs

* By volume compared to clay, pine, and cedar.