MediGel® Hazelnut
MediGel® Hazelnut is a highly palatable soft gel designed to administer medication by oral consumption to research animals.
Product # Name
74-10-5022 2oz (56g) cups (96 units/case)

MediGel® Sucralose

MediGel® Sucralose is a Barrier Packed non-wetting sucralose flavored, low calorie water gel designed to administer medication to your research animal. The sweetener masks medication taste, like a spoon full of sugar!
Product # Name
74-02-5022 2oz (56g) cups (96 units/case)

MediDrop® Sucralose

MediDrop® Sucralose is a ready to use liquid gel delivery system containing 99% purified water. MediDrop suspends medications, allowing for consistent medication delivery.
Product # Name
75-01-1001 4 gallons / case