HydroGel® is a Barrier Packed non-wetting sterile water gel for animal hydration. 98% pure water, sterile inside and out, gamma irradiated to assure product integrity. HydroGel is particularly efficient for animal transportation as it is clean, dry and single use. It is also effective at supplementing compromised, weaning or recovering animals and serves well to transition animals to an automated watering system. With 24 month shelf life, it is an excellent back up to your existing water supply system.

Recommended Usage:

1- 8oz pouch per 5 mice/2 rats up to 5 days 1- 2oz Cup per 5 mice/2 rats up to 2 days

Product # Name
70-01-5022 2 oz. (56g) cup (96 Units/Case)


8 oz (227g) pouches (55 Units/Case)

6 oz pouches (70 Units/Case)