Custom Test Diets

Test diets are made to your specification for any animal, you can increase or decrease sodium, fiber, fat, protein. They can be irradiated, and in pellet or liquid forms.

The TestDiet® division of LabDiet® is a Purina Mills, LLC / PMI Nutrition International company. We formulate and produce custom purified-ingredient and grain-based diets for animal research in academic, government, and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world for their specific areas of study.

All diets are produced under the strict requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO-certified), which meet or exceed the demands of Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. We operate the cleanest, most efficient, most comprehensive GMP-compliant, GLP-compatible, ISO-certified lab animal diet production facility in the world to produce any and every custom diet formula presently or previously available from any manufacturer.

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