Corn Cob Bedding

Below is some our best selling corn cob bedding products. If you do not find an item, please call us for product availability.

The Andersons

Bed-o’cobs allow liquids to flow through from the top to the bottom, then absorbs the liquids from the bottom up. This keeps animals on a dry surface between bedding changes. Bed-o’cobs offers a completely natural, comfortable environment for animals.andersons-bed-cobs-corn-bedding

Product # Name
A-ACB Autoclave Combo 1.25 cu ft. (approx. 33 lbs)
A-CB Combo Bed-O’Cobs 1.25 cu ft (approx 33 lbs)
A-4QB 1/4” Certified Bed-o’cobs 1.25 cu ft (approximately 28 lbs)
A-4B 1/4” Bed-o’cobs 1.25 cu ft (approximately 28 lbs)
A-8B 1/8” Bed-o’cobs 1.25 cu ft (approximately 37 lbs)
A-XFNE4B XTRAFine Bed-o’cobs 40 lbs (Special Order)
PELB Pell-o-Cob Pelleted Corn Cob bedding 1.25 cu ft

A 1.25 Cu Ft Bag will fill 113.5 Cages @ 1/4″ Depth


Pestell’s Corn Cob Bedding makes it an economical option for the customer who cares for more than one pet. Perfect for birds, and an appropriate choice for many small animals and some reptiles.pestell-corn-cob-bedding

Product # Name
4120 Pestell 1/4” Corn Cob Bedding 20 lbs
4140 Pestell 1/4” Corn Cob Bedding 40 lbs