Cage Paper/Poly Pad

Below is some our best selling cageboard bedding products. If you do not find an item, please call us for product availability.

Shepherd Specialty Papers

For more than 25 years, Shepherd Specialty Papers has been dedicated to producing and providing the highest quality products specifically for the animal care industry.

CAGE PAPERS-Cut your size to fit your cages (Call for pricing)

  • DACB (Deotized Animal Cage Board)
  • Deosorb (White Board treated with Neomycin)
  • Tech Sorb (White Board untreated)
  • Poly Pads (Multilayer Liner with Polyethylene Backing)
  • Dura Pads (Molded Multilayer Liner with Polyethylene Backing)
  • Alpha Pads (Cotton Fiber Sheets-Highly Absorbent & Shreddable)

In-Stock Cage Papers

Product # Name
AP06x10 Alpha Pads 6” x 10” (400 per case)
TK24x60 DABC Cage Board 24”x60” (50 sheets per case)
TK24x18 K52 Tech Board 24”x18” (200 sheets per case)
TK24x24 K52 Tech Board 24”x24” (100 sheets per case)
TK24x30 K52 Tech Board 24”x30” (100 sheets per case)
TK9x12 K52 Tech Board 9” x 12” (100 sheets per case)
TK28x32 K52 Tech Board 28” x 32” (100 sheets per case)
TK16x26 K52 Tech Board 16” x 26" (200 sheets per case)
TK25x25 K52 Tech Board 25” x 25" (100 sheets per case)