Clear H2O

We provide a full range of gel products that meet your hydration, nutrition and enrichment needs. If you do not find an item, please call us for product availability.

ClearH2O is helping to advance research and agriculture by providing better hydration, nutrition and medication delivery products.

ClearH2O® offers barrier packed hydration, nutrition, enrichment and medication delivery products that enhance the wellness and survival of research animals.

HydroGel® continues to be the #1 choice of breeders worldwide, for hydrating animals in transit. DietGels are the #1 soft diet for compromised or special needs animals. MediGels are fast becoming the preferred medication delivery method while LabGels continue to provide unique and effective enrichment products. Our knowledge of taste preferences improves consumption. ClearH2O products help you protect your investment in research and results.

HydroGel® is a non-wetting sterile water gel for animal hydration. HydroGel is particularly efficient for animal transport as it is clean, dry, and single use. HydroGel is an effective supplement for compromised, recovering or weaning animals and is useful when transitioning animals to an automated watering system. HydroGel can also be used as an emergency water source.

DietGels® are the #1 soft diet for compromised or special needs animals.

LabGel® provides enrichment, hydration and medication delivery with appealing taste options for nonhuman primates and other research animals.

FiberBites® are nutraceutical gummie treats, fortified with fiber to act as a probiotic for nonhuman primates. They nourish beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Made with a natural source of inulin, FiberBites® are convenient and easy to administer, requiring no mixing or dissolving.